• Puppy PreSchool

    Puppy Preschool is a great way to train and build a bond with your puppy.

    The sooner you get started, the easier training will be. Puppy preschool is an important grounding for your dog's lifetime education.

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  • Behaviour Consultations

    We can help if your dog already has a problem such as separation anxiety or destroying the backyard.

    We develop a program specific to your needs. Behaviour consultations take place in your home.

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  • Pet Dog Course

    Our pet dog courses are designed for dogs 4 months of age and above and are based in Menai.

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The Canine College provides dog training services to the local community. Our instructors have had years of experience in dog training and have a love of dogs.

We aim to provide our clients with the means to turn their dog into a well mannered family pet and obedient companion who is a joy. Ever wondered why your dog barks, or digs holes in the garden, we can tell you why and offer solutions for these behaviours……



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